“the best play things break some sort of rule,” Reyn Guyer, co-inventor of Nerf and Twister.



Don’t throw the ball in the house (Nerf), don’t invade my personal space (Twister),”etc. The brightly colored GROSS-ABULARY Picture Cards are playful and informative and include a variety of words, some of which are “gross.” Extensive research has concluded that gross humour (Captain Underpants, Grossology, etc.) has a wide appeal to children of all ages.   By allowing kids to create silly sentences using this type of vocabulary, they get to stretch the boundaries a bit and their enjoyment is infectious.   Little do they know that all the  Word Cards  they are using are the required “sight”* words that must be learned in school.   Before you know it, they have them memorized, an added bonus to the game.   In addition, the trivia on the backs of the Picture Cards entertains and educates the players about science, the human body and other fun, interesting facts.

*Sight words (originally referred to as Dolch words)  are a list of 220 “frequently used words,” that can’t be sounded out using regular phonic patterns and must therefore be learned by sight.   The list is divided by grade starting at Junior Kindergarden through to grade 3.   The GROSS-ABULARY game contains 130 of the 220 necessary sight words (word cards) to accompany the picture cards in creating sentences.